"If you don't own a dog, at least one, there is not necessarily anything wrong with you, but there may be something wrong with your life."

- Roger A. Caras



An optional extra.
Dedicated outdoor play area for cats.
Enquire when  booking.

Heated Kennels for Winter

Both our dog and cat sections can be heated.

Trained staff

Inhouse Dog & Cat Nutritionist as well as 2 veterinarians.


Special dog treadmill available for the energetic dog.


Xantah Kennels & Cattery  is one of the larger and more exclusive and professional boarding facilities in Gauteng.  XANTAH Kennels & Cattery is situated in Willow Glen in the Eastern Suburbs of Pretoria, behind the German School.

The name XANTAH originates from one of the many Greek Islands and stands for “The Island of Love and Romance”.

1976: Mr and Mrs E.H. Schroeder established Xantah Kennels & Cattery.

1995: Dr Guido Schroeder (Dog & Cat Nutritionist) took over the business.

1998: Phenomenal growth in the popularity of the enterprise necessitated Guido devoting his attention full time from July.

2007: Due to the growing demand for more spacious kennels we upgraded our Cattery to include double cat rooms.

2012: After the successful upgrade of our Cattery, we upgraded our Kennel section to include double dog rooms.

2015: An exclusive outside play area was created for the cats visiting us, enabling the cats to view the bird life.  We named our cat play area “THE CATWALK”.

2016: Next up was the expansion of our dog play camps.  We now boast with nice large and spacious,  shaded play-camps. With one dedicated camp for our DELUXE section.

2018: Due to a high demand our Double Cat units as well as our Deluxe Cat units now open up onto a grassed area.  In addition to our CATWALK, cats in these units are now let out into the garden during play sessions.

2019: Introduction of our Day Care option.

2023: Additional dog play camps were built to extend the time outside for our visitors.