Boarding Requirements & Fees-XANTAH KENNELS & CATTERY


Boarding Requirements & Fees

    Boarding Requirements:

    • Book well in advance for all school holidays
    • December bookings are essential (Deposit required).
    • Vaccination certificates are required:
      • Dogs: 5 in 1, Rabies and Kennel Cough.
      • Cats: 3 in 1 with Chlamydia, Rabies and Bb Intranasal
    • Although sleeping facilities are provided, please bring your petís own blanket or basket.
    • You are welcome to bring any treats and toys.

    What are our fees?

    • Please contact us for the latest fees.
    • Please note that December is peak season.
    • Fees include all food, water, walks, love and attention.
    • Please note that we charge for the day of arrival and the day of departure, irrespective of the time of arrival or departure.
    • The administering of any medication will be charged for.  We can administer any type of medication.
    • Heaters are available as an added extra.
    • During PEAK season (December/January) all pets boarding will be treated with a tick and flea treatment upon arrival.  Compulsory to be applied by Xantah.  Obtain the latest fees when making a booking.
    • Birds, rabbits, fish and pigs are also accommodated.