Facilities - Kennels-XANTAH KENNELS & CATTERY


Facilities - Kennels

    Our Kennel section includes three different types of rooms nl:

    1. Standard rooms
    2. Double rooms
    3. Deluxe rooms
    • Please note that only dogs from the same family are allowed to share a room.
    • Pets sharing can not be separated for feeding purposed during PEAK periods.
    • Animals are taken out for daily walks and play sessions in our exercise camps, one family at a time.
    • Heated rooms are available on requested for an additional fee per night. (Any room can be fitted with a heater).

    • Our STANDARD dog rooms are 1.5m x 3m x 2m in size and can house up to two very small dogs.


    • Our DOUBLE dog rooms are 3m x 3m x 2m in size and can house up to four small dogs or two large dogs.  (We only have 20 Double rooms available).

     EXERCISE CAMPS: (Only for Standard & Double rooms)

    • Animals are taken for daily walks / play sessions in our exercise camps (one family at a time).
    • Our camps are used by both our Standard and Double rooms.
    • Our camps consist of a grassed area with shade provided.
    • Camps are separated by wire fencing to enable dogs to see each other.


    • Our DELUXE section consists of a single row of 10 rooms.
    • Rooms are 3.1m x 3m x 2m in size and can house up to four small dogs or two large dogs. (We only have 10 Deluxe rooms available).
    • Each room has a steel frame bed in for dogs to sleep on.  (Owners need to provide own mattress/bedding).
    • The Deluxe section boasts with its own secluded exercise camp.
    • Families in Deluxe are rotated in the camp for the duration of the day. (Thus they receive longer play sessions than the dogs in the normal Standard/Double rooms).